Keys Holder

Keys Holder -Organize and store all the important keys

Key holders have one main purpose to provide storage space for your keys right by the door, so you never have to search for them in a panic  but there are a variety of styles to choose from, and many of them hold more than just keys think sunglasses, the mail, and your phone. The best key holders for walls are sturdy enough to hold several sets of keys. When it comes to choosing a key holder, you’ll want to consider style and functionality. Some holders only have hooks to hold things like keys, leashes, and scarves, while others have additional storage space for mail, magazines, and even decorative items — it all depends on how much space you want for stashing items when you walk in the door. As far as décor goes, there are tons of options to choose from, including farmhouse chic holders made from rustic pine, a minimalist key rack boasting clean lines, or a whimsical cloud that holds your keys with a strong magnet.

Many of these wall key holders come with the necessary mounting hardware, but if you’d rather not drill into the wall, look for a stick-on holder that you can stick anywhere.