Famous as the Oil City of Assam, this town houses the oldest refinery of India. Crude oil was discovered here in the late 19th century. It is a primary source for raising the economic status of Tinsukia district. However, the city is more than just oil. It is also known for its golf courses which are traces left by British colonialism. Dolls made of wax and traditional textiles are also found. Tourists can find accommodation in Italian-style architecture apartments and guest houses.

There is an interesting story as to how the town got its name. It is believed that it is derived from the phrase “dig-boy-dig” as said by the English to the labourers digging for crude oil. It can be seen from lush green tea gardens that the town nestles cosily in the lap of Mother Nature, quite unaffected by the whole industrial scenario.

Ornithologists and bird watchers will be delighted to visit because of the diversity of the birds that are sighted here. A whopping 453 number of species have been spotted including the black-breasted parrotbill, Jerdon’s babbler and marsh babbler.