Carter Road

Situated next to Bandstand Promenade just next to Bandra, Carter Road is one of the most happening and popular hangout places among the Mumbaikars. The locale is a haven for foodies owing to its bazillion food options from the umpteen eateries situated on the sidewalk. Replete with numerous pubs, big brand stores and an enchanting coastline, the region is thronged by locals and tourist alike. Alongside is the namesake promenade which is a 1.25 kms walkway along the Arabian Sea with concrete monotone pathways, a huge yet charming gazebo, and a vermicomposting setup to generate solar and wind energy.

Carter Road is also home to some of the poshest colonies of Mumbai and the property prices hit new highs every day owing to the spectacular seaside location. Also, the area also houses a Joggers’ strip, a park for the mushy couples and a special Lovers’ Point.